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LIMOGES U.E.R. de Droit


Zaujímavá stavba s dielne talianskeho architekta Massimiliana Fuksaka

The space of the complex, defined by a glass surface, consents to perceive - even in relief - the two internal volumes characterized by their "air bubble" form in this way articulating one of the recurring themes in the work of Fuksas: the immediate expression of the significance of a building taken in from the exterior of the urban organism. Covered in zinc panels, these volumes exhibit themselves and project into the urban surroundings visibly stabilizing with itself a network of relations that signal, in a game of transparency, contamination and differences, the "continuous" relationship between building and city. Served by a course on which stairs and elevators close ranks, rooms for lectures and those destined for didactics - collected in the space in ovoid sections - are therefore submitted to a "re-sewing by sight" intervention that, through the fifth glass door, recalls the parts of the project with the existing corner building - once the Hotel del la Bastìde.


Hodnotené 44 krát.

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